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Poem: “Get Up” (2010)

Get up out of your corner.

Digging at rocks and
shattered nerves
won’t lift you up.

Get up out of your corner.

My fallen child,
what have you become?

You used to be
a little god—

or so you believed,

as you danced
on the edge of
a blue crisis.

Get up out of your corner.

Published as lyrics for Cindervoice’s Before the Turn LP, 2010.

Poem: “Walking On Faces” (2010)

The dim light
I punctuate

The dark corner
I choose
a careful path.

The floor is populated:
metal faces cry,
grimace, countenance
the violence of my gait,


I enter
the heart.
The ceiling is low
at my head.

Brutal steps
ring sharp
in my ears.

Detachment dies in

I choose
a path of return,
for which I am.

I remember
the dead
only through force,
clanks and cries.

What is my alibi?
What is my alibi?

Published as lyrics for Cindervoice’s Before the Turn LP, 2010. Spurred by Menashe Kadishman’s “Shalekhet (Fallen Leaves)” installation at the Jüdisches Museum Berlin (Jewish Museum, Berlin); video here.

Welcome, music

In the interest of living a less-divided creative life, I’ll now provide updates and information related to my musical work — including the GODHEADSCOPE and Cindervoice projects — via and associated social media.

My writing and musical lives have never been alien from each other in practice, as the “Poetry/Lyrics” feature on this blog attests. Now, all of my creative output will be represented in one place.

To celebrate, here’s “Dusk On Glass,” from GODHEADSCOPE’s 2007 album, A City Out of Sight.