Singing Is Contagious EP (2020 Release)

Release date: December 4, 2020

Track listing:

  1. > Word Cage
  2. > Balloon
  3. > Sparrow In Memory
  4. > The Passenger

Matthew S. Rosin releases his first new collection of music in six years, a searing fusion of modern progressive, post-punk, and ambient drone.

Driven by Rosin’s disarming poetry and sung and spoken-word vocals, Singing Is Contagious is a visceral plea for honoring our common humanity and learning from one another, beyond the received ideas and prejudices that alienate and wound us.

Recorded mostly during the COVID-19 pandemic, Singing Is Contagious is released digitally via Rosin’s Meristem Music.

For fans of: Ulver / Peter Murphy / Steven Wilson / Świetliki / Peter Gabriel / Manes / Have A Nice Life