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Poem: “You Matter” (2017)

You matter.

There is no one like you; never will be again,
from the birth of the earth to its outermost end.

You — 
an eager shout, a sacred “Yes!”
that moves your flesh, your bone, your breath. 

You — 
she, he, ze, they, you are whole and okay,
gracefully teaching your truth and your way.

cannot be forgotten. We cherish you so.
Your voice and your hands can do more than you know.

see old things anew. You turn them and test them.
Your wonder exhausts our old words to express them.

speak and lay bare all you dig up and hold
aloft from the dust of conventions grown cold. 

up-end every rock and pursue every glimmer
and give a new name to each sparkle and shimmer.

chart out new paths, go beyond our horizons:
new friendships, new stories, your hope always rising.

welcome and wanted, whatever your skin,
wherever the neighborhood you were born in.

play across fences that keep us divided.
Old walls become weak where your love is ignited.

call us to kindness and questions, reminding:
the life of our living is found in the finding.

There is no one like you; never will be again,
from the birth of the earth to its outermost end.

You matter. You do. We’ll keep learning with you.
Now stand on our shoulders. See what you can do.

First published on and YouTube, 2017.

Poem: “The Passenger” (2010)

Hatred is a dead body
handcuffed to my wrist.
I drag it behind me,
uphill and down.

The face which smears
over rocks and concrete
is the same as the one
I see in the mirror.

The fingers which cut
grooves into the soil
bear my fingerprints;
leave their traces.

The wake I trail behind me
slowly ceases to be red.
The passenger sheds his skin.
I grow still more hollow.

Blank features pass away
as my face grows ever harder.
My back curves from the weight;
the spine is bleached by sun.

By the time the bones remaining
detach and fall away,

there will be nothing left;

nothing left to save;

but an empty shell
dragging empty handcuffs

Published as lyrics for Cindervoice’s Before the Turn LP, 2010.