Poem: “A Moth Blending Into Walls” (2005)

Bouncing around the light,
space bends and beckons
toward a dark end
with wings become singed.

She flew in through the hallway;
circled twice around the room.
A strange fear did set in,
and she darted to the wall.

Through eyes upon her wings,
she surveyed her locale,
abdomen pressed close to stone,
leaving dusty marks not seen.

Through eyes upon her wings,
she watched as another entered:
a fly possessed of purpose,
unfolding space toward the light.

From her mark upon the wall,
her wings did see a spark:
the fly cascaded downward
in a slight pillar of ash.

The moth clung tighter to her mark
and closed her eyes, averted her gaze
from the center: the irresistible gravity
of the spider in the light.

Published as lyrics for Matt Rosin and the Dead Raven Choir’s Fire Mouth collaborative LP.