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Mourning the Loss Of STAND Magazine

Editor-in-Chief Dwayne D. Hayes has announced the sad news that STAND Magazine is shutting down.

STAND was a dignified place for charting a more-nourishing masculinity rooted in connectedness with others. It was the kind of magazine we desperately need, in stark contrast with the misogyny, male gaze, and impossible body imagery that too-often dominate the men’s magazine scene. Publishing is a punishing industry, but still: the fact that a magazine like STAND falls by the wayside is one among many testaments to the hard work that remains for all of us.

I’m deeply grateful to Dwayne and everyone at STAND for championing my reflective writing on fatherhood, including the essay series that STAND published in late 2017 and throughout 2018. I’m proud to have been among the voices at your table and thankful for the relationships that formed there.

Thank you, STAND.