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Poem: “Room Of Light” (2007)

Floor. Ceiling.
Walls of light.

My shadow
  into my skin.

My shape
  is lost
  to my eye.

Floor. Ceiling.
Walls of light.

A motherless,
  point of shadow—

  the memory of sleep,

I am behind the metal door.
My spirit springs to your eye.

Published as lyrics for GODHEADSCOPE’s A City Out Of Sight LP, 2007.

Poem: “Violence In Crayon” (2005)

He takes a crayon from the jar and draws violence.

He presses the green crayon to
the edge of the paper: a waxy horizon
extends across.

Green goes down; brown comes up.

The walls of the house are erected:
two square windows divided
into quarters and
a rectangle-and-circle door.
The chimney and angled roof
reach upward toward rising,
spiraling smoke.

Brown goes down; blue comes up.

Mommy is drawn with a lightness of hand
that can only be called affection.
Her hair cascades around teary
eyes and frightened mouth. Her blue dress
emerges in angles.

Blues goes down; purple comes up.

A small circle is pressed into the paper
behind Mommy's back. The same
look of fright leaves desperate
indentations in the sheets below.
A mirror in purple,
his body is rooted
in place through shaky lines.

Purple goes down; red comes up,

is pressed hard into the paper.
The monster's face swallows
the page, hair exploding
toward the upper edge; angry eyebrows
over pinpoint eyes that nearly fall
into the fire mouth.
Teeth menace forward as
the crayon's pressure rips
the page, tears
a small hole
at the back of Daddy's throat.

Red goes down.

Yellow comes up, offering
a circle with rays extending:
a huge yellow sun
in the warm
corner, standing witness.

Yellow goes down.

Published as lyrics for Matt Rosin and the Dead Raven Choir’s Fire Mouth collaborative LP.

Poem: “A Moth Blending Into Walls” (2005)

Bouncing around the light,
space bends and beckons
toward a dark end
with wings become singed.

She flew in through the hallway;
circled twice around the room.
A strange fear did set in,
and she darted to the wall.

Through eyes upon her wings,
she surveyed her locale,
abdomen pressed close to stone,
leaving dusty marks not seen.

Through eyes upon her wings,
she watched as another entered:
a fly possessed of purpose,
unfolding space toward the light.

From her mark upon the wall,
her wings did see a spark:
the fly cascaded downward
in a slight pillar of ash.

The moth clung tighter to her mark
and closed her eyes, averted her gaze
from the center: the irresistible gravity
of the spider in the light.

Published as lyrics for Matt Rosin and the Dead Raven Choir’s Fire Mouth collaborative LP.

Poem: “Walking On Faces” (2010)

The dim light
I punctuate

The dark corner
I choose
a careful path.

The floor is populated:
metal faces cry,
grimace, countenance
the violence of my gait,


I enter
the heart.
The ceiling is low
at my head.

Brutal steps
ring sharp
in my ears.

Detachment dies in

I choose
a path of return,
for which I am.

I remember
the dead
only through force,
clanks and cries.

What is my alibi?
What is my alibi?

Published as lyrics for Cindervoice’s Before the Turn LP, 2010. Spurred by Menashe Kadishman’s “Shalekhet (Fallen Leaves)” installation at the Jüdisches Museum Berlin (Jewish Museum, Berlin); video here.

Poem: “Threshold” (2009)

From the far room,
a figure with many faces

into the hall—

forgets, for a moment,
the place of doors.

	many colored,
	bead with sweat.

	fumble for edges
	in the kaleidoscope:
in shifting light.

		This one
		does not want
		to be found.

Thick air:
footfalls in puddles

when breath was all—

before the ceiling
rose, upwelling,

	from the floor—

before the earth
into rooms;


The dog, curled with her ball, waits for variation in the man curled by the door. Whiskers wick moisture from air. She breathes in rhythm, water dripping; voices in the vent. Eyes intent. A shift in the light. Front paws become palms. She stands; glides across the room; grasps his shoulders. Shakes him. Speaks: “Why are you bent to the shape of the doorway, pressed to the threshold, praying, when you and I could be playing?” The dog, curled with her ball, waits for variation in the man curled by the door. Whiskers wick moisture from air.
She has not touched a moment in days. Gaunt. Paper skin. She sits at the table. Images assess bones, angles. Melting ice seeps from the refrigerator, spreads across the floor. Touches her toe, tickles a memory— another room. She brought language. He brought colores, spoke in broken Spanish. She painted flores. Thin muscles tighten with resolve. She stands, shuffles across the floor— water soaks her soles— opens the door— more supple skin bends with her steps— clasps a hand.
The air— humid with child. Two melodies intertwine— improvise a whisper: arms that will need to learn to hold, hands that will need to learn to let go. A breath cools their bodies.
Drip. Drip. Drops fall past blue drapes; open window, yellow petals, green stems. Strike the soil. Split. Smaller droplets cling to the surface, then seep toward roots. He reaches, pinches a stem. Breaks the flow. Places the flower behind his daughter’s beaming ear. “Beautiful,” he says. She smiles.

Published as lyrics for GODHEADSCOPE’s Threshold LP, 2009.