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“Learning To Connect” now online

My essay “Learning To Connect” — on the practice of friendship and vulnerability — is now online! Read it here.

“Learning To Connect” first appeared in the most-recent print issue of STAND Magazine. It’s the final essay in my fatherhood-as-learning series that appeared in STAND throughout 2018.

I’m really proud of the series and truly grateful to STAND Editor-in-Chief Dwayne Hayes for the opportunity and solidarity.

Though this series has concluded, my writing about fatherhood as learning and responsibility continues!

Learning To Connect

The new issue of STAND arrived in my mailbox today!

“Learning To Connect,” the last essay in my fatherhood-as-learning series in STAND Magazine, appears in print here. It tackles isolation, forming male friendships in adulthood, and the examples we set for our kids.

My deepest thanks to STAND Editor-in-Chief Dwayne D. Hayes for providing a regular place for my reflections during the past year. Solidarity, my friend.

Buy the issue here.

“Her Weight Is His” now available in Spanish translation

I’m delighted to share that my flash fiction story “Her Weight Is His” (first published in KYSO Flash) is now available in Spanish translation as “Su carga es la de él,” translated by Susana Cejas of Susurros Chinos in Córdoba, Argentina.

You can read “Su carga es la de él” online.

The translation also appears in print in the new Susurros Chinos anthology of flash translations, Instantáneas de ficción: Selección de microcuentos.

My thanks to Cecilia de la Vega, Susana Cejas, and Susurros Chinos for caring for the story in translation!