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Compiling with Scrivener

The blog has been relatively silent lately — I’ve been busy digging into the business-end of self-publishing my novelette, The Honeydrop Tree.

I’ll return to regular postings soon. But for my fellow writers, I thought I’d share how my appreciation for Scrivener continues to grow.

I already loved using Scrivener for writing. Its modular approach to scenes, chapters, etc., makes experimenting with structure and keeping track of progress easy. I also find it generative creatively.

But now that I’m self-publishing, I’m learning to appreciate the power of Scrivener’s Compile function. With this step, Scrivener stitches the various parts of your book (per your instructions) into a single-file output such as a PDF, ePub or Mobi e-book file, DOC or RTF file, or others.

Put another way, the Compile function pulls your content together into a document someone else can read, whether a manuscript for review or an e-book for sale.

I’m still mastering Scrivener’s Compile function. But I’m extremely impressed.

If you’re trying to get a handle on using Scrivener to write and produce your work, a simple web search will reveals lots of authors who are blogging about their uses of the program.

(For my part, I’ve found Patrick Hester’s “Scrivener Quick Tips” posts especially helpful, especially his series on e-book production.)