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“Learning To Smile” now online!

My essay “Learning To Smile” is now online at STAND Magazine! Click through to read it.

“Learning To Smile” first appeared in Issue #8 of STAND and is the second in my series on fatherhood as learning that I’m contributing to the magazine.

As always, I’m grateful to STAND Founder/Managing Editor Dwayne D. Hayes for his belief in my writing.

Learning To Smell the Flowers

I’m thrilled to share my newest fatherhood reflection, “Learning To Smell the Flowers,” published today by STAND Magazine!

This is the first in a series of essays on fatherhood as learning that I’ll be contributing to the magazine during the coming year.

Thank you to STAND Magazine and Founder/Managing Editor Dwayne D. Hayes for their support and solidarity!

Poem: “You Matter” (2017)

You matter.

There is no one like you; never will be again,
from the birth of the earth to its outermost end.

You — 
an eager shout, a sacred “Yes!”
that moves your flesh, your bone, your breath. 

You — 
she, he, ze, they, you are whole and okay,
gracefully teaching your truth and your way.

cannot be forgotten. We cherish you so.
Your voice and your hands can do more than you know.

see old things anew. You turn them and test them.
Your wonder exhausts our old words to express them.

speak and lay bare all you dig up and hold
aloft from the dust of conventions grown cold. 

up-end every rock and pursue every glimmer
and give a new name to each sparkle and shimmer.

chart out new paths, go beyond our horizons:
new friendships, new stories, your hope always rising.

welcome and wanted, whatever your skin,
wherever the neighborhood you were born in.

play across fences that keep us divided.
Old walls become weak where your love is ignited.

call us to kindness and questions, reminding:
the life of our living is found in the finding.

There is no one like you; never will be again,
from the birth of the earth to its outermost end.

You matter. You do. We’ll keep learning with you.
Now stand on our shoulders. See what you can do.

First published on www.matthewsrosin.com and YouTube, 2017.

Letter to My Toddler

The On Being blog just published my guest contribution, “Letter to My Toddler.” This one means a lot to me.

If you love this piece or know someone who can benefit from reading it, please share it. You and they are not alone.

(If you’re not familiar with On Being, it’s an outstanding website and radio show/podcast on religion and spirituality, hosted by Krista Tippett — or, as On Being puts it, “a social enterprise with a radio show at its heart.” Highly recommended.)