“. . . reflection is native and constant.” – John Dewey

When I put my old professional life in education policy and philosophy behind me and embraced life as a stay-at-home dad, I came to see fatherhood as a journey of learning to be the man my kids need me to be. In my reflective writing, I explore the joyful and deeply humbling ways my kids call on me to renew myself on their behalf: to embrace surprise, refine my strengths, and wrestle with my vulnerabilities.

Learning To Forgive the Man I Don’t Want To Be

First published: STAND Magazine, Issue #9 (Summer 2018).

Learning To Meet a Need

First published: STAND Magazine online, May 30, 2018.

Learning To Smile

First published: STAND Magazine, Issue #8 (Winter 2018). // Republished: STAND Magazine online, March 21, 2018.

Learning To Smell the Flowers

First published: STAND Magazine online, December 4, 2017.

The Dad In the Room

First published: STAND Magazine, Issue #3 (Spring 2016). // Republished: STAND Magazine online, April 28, 2017.

Letter to My Toddler

First published: On Being blog, June 21, 2015.

(Note, my former Reflections On Fatherhood podcast series has been retired.)

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